The quickest way to figure out what the fuck is going wrong with your body and  stopping you from getting pregnant

No-one told you how hard it would be to become a mother.


The physical side is hard:

  • feeling like you need to give up red wine and good coffee, (the true loves of your life)
  • eating the “perfect” paleo/gluten-free/*insert trendy new diet here* diet
  • going to body-pump every lunchtime to shift those last few pounds

but what you didn’t expect was feeling completely lost.

Not having any control over the situation, not knowing when it will happen, not knowing what you can do to help and not having any idea what is really going on with your body.

You are so used to be able to manage everything – your kick ass career, your loving relationship and your beautiful home.

But this is unchartered territory – feeling completely helpless and it’s so bloody uncomfortable.

When you’ve spent your whole life working hard to get everything you want, it breaks you to be told that you “ just need to relax and it’ll happen”.

I get it. I spent all of my twenties thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant and struggling to control my PCOS. It took a pretty horrific situation (you can read more about it here) to get my act together and get to a place where I was able to get pregnant and have my two boys.

You want your life back.

You want to be able to have sex with your partner without feeling like it has to be on a schedule and completely forced.

You want to be able to go out with your friends without panicking about who is going to announce their pregnancy next.

You want to enjoy your cousin’s wedding without Aunt Madge (and every other well-meaning member of your family) asking you when they’re going to hear that pitter-bloody-patter.


Does this sound like you?

  • You feel completely out of control and like this fertility stuff is taking over your life
  • You’ve tried so many different supplements, diets, therapies and treatments, but nothing has helped you
  • You spend every waking moment googling, trying to find someone else who is experiencing the same symptoms as you
  • You’re sick of not being given enough information and support about what the hell is going on with your body
  • You are 100% committed to taking control of your own health and digging deep to address the root causes


Together we are going to get really clear about what is going on with your health, your mindset and your life.

This is a complete holistic overhaul.

We’ll uncover everything that is potentially getting in the way of you getting pregnant and figure out the best tools for you to move past these issues.

Getting pregnant is so much more than being healthy and having lots of sex (but you know that right, otherwise you’d have gotten pregnant ages ago!)  

That’s why I created Fast Track Fertility.

No one thing is going to help you get pregnant, which is why you need a personally designed program so that you can put all your efforts into things that are actually going to help you get pregnant.

In Fast Track Fertility we work together over 3 months to design your perfect fertility program.

Our bodies are insanely complicated, which is great when we’re going about our daily business, but when something goes wrong, it means we need to dig deep into what is happening in every area of your life (even if you are sure it’s not related to your fertility) to uncover what the hell is going on.

Everything is interconnected and sometimes working on something that you think couldn’t possibly be connected will be the missing link and everything will fall into place.

We’ll work out:

  • what supplements are actually going to improve your health and fertility so that you’re not peeing money down the toilet.
  • What foods suit your body and how you can change your daily eating habits to ensure that you’re giving your body the building blocks it needs to grow a baby.
  • the root causes of all those seemingly random aches, pains, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, period issues and all those other niggly things going on, that might not seem related to your fertility but 100% are contributing and how to fix them
  • What thoughts and beliefs you are holding onto about getting pregnant. These bad boys can seriously wreak havoc on your body when you don’t keep them in check
  • Daily habits for you to improve your mood, have more energy and feel happier in your life so that you can get on with enjoying your life whilst  getting pregnant.

Here’s what’s included:



  • Foundational day together (6 hours in total – either online or in person) so that together we can uncover what is going on and create a plan of action for the next 3 months and beyond of how to make big shifts in your health, wellbeing and fertility.


  • Three 60 minute online video chats (one a month) so that we can delve even deeper as you integrate the plan from the foundational day into your day-to-day life . We’ll chat about what’s been going well, what you feel you need more support on, what challenges you’ve come across and how you can overcome them without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.


  • Weekly check in over the 3 months Every week we’ll catch up via email and decide on small manageable goals for the week to keep the momentum going and focused on your goals.


  • Daily support. I’ll be there at the end of an email, whether you have a question about how you can get a better night’s sleep tonight, how to get through the rest of your day at work when your colleague just announced she’s pregnant, what to do when your period came early and all those other hundreds of anxieties/worries/stresses going through your head.


  • I will create you a bespoke personalised Nurture Fertility Box. The box will contain over £200 of incredible products and tools designed to support your physical and emotional health. Examples of things that might be included are non-toxic beauty products, personalised natural remedies and my favourite fertility books.


I cannot guarantee you’ll get pregnant after three months but all these things together will propel you towards feeling better than you did 10 years ago and more yourself than ever before, which will significantly increase your chances of being able to conceive.

Give your body and mind a break – get it in top condition so it can switch its attention and resources to growing a baby.

Investment: £1997 (or spread the payment over three months)

Want in? Here’s what to do next:


  • Fill in this brief questionnaire
  • I’ll be in touch with 24 hours and we can chat about whether this program will be a good fit for you
  • If it’s a good fit, I’ll send you the link to pay for the program and we’ll schedule our foundational day together

If you don’t need quite as much support


I’ve created 2 smaller packages to suit smaller budgets

Fast Track mini – £597

Includes: 4 x 45 minute calls spread over 3 months to keep you motivated, accountable and supported

Weekly check-ins via email to help you figure out which baby steps to take each week

Access to my 12 week program of resources which gives you unlimited access to all the tools to support your natural fertility journey whenever you want it

12 weeks membership to the Fertility Freedom Family


Fast Track nurture – £897

Includes: 12 x 45 minute calls spread over 3 months to keep you motivated, accountable and supported

Weekly check-ins via email to help you figure out which baby steps to take each week

Access to my 12 week program of resources which gives you unlimited access to all the tools to support your natural fertility journey whenever you want it

12 weeks membership to the Fertility Freedom Family


My Pregnancy Promise

I created packages to work together so that we can both be committed to the process that it takes to move through all the blocks that might be surrounding pregnancy.

But of course the main goal is getting pregnant, so what happens if you get pregnant whilst we are working together?

There are two choices, we can either work together to support you during early pregnancy or I’ll be more than happy to refund you for the remaining work we would have done together. Please find the refund rates below

For mini – £100 refund per call remaining

For standard & intensive £50 refund per call remaining