Download The Fat Girl's Guide to Getting Pregnant

1 hour intensive session to create your customised fertility plan


I believe that you are the expert of your own body. You have years of data of how your body works and what makes it feels good.

I believe you should take actions that support your priorities and meet your needs around your health and fertility.

I believe that you don’t need to lose weight in order to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy.

Together we can formulate a plan that will take you from feeling:

– ashamed of your body 

– tired of trying every dieting under the sun and none of them working

– paralysed with no idea of what you can do next.

to feeling confident in the next steps you need to take to improve your health, wellbeing and fertility.


This is for you if:

  • you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while now but nothing is happening.
  • the only advice you’ve been given so far by your doctor is to lose weight.
  • you don’t want to go on another diet but you’re worried that it’s the only way you’ll ever have a healthy pregnancy.

This is the first stage of my FAT POSITIVE Framework and our first step together in FAT POSITIVE Fertility Coaching.

 Formulate: Create a plan to take your health (physical, mental, spiritual and everything else in between) from where it is right now to where you want it to be.

 Advocate: Work together to giveyou the tools to advocate for your own body with other healthcare professionals.

 Trust: Learn how to trust your own body and your gut instincts so you can work with your body to achieve your goal of getting pregnant.

 Positive: Shift your inner monologue from “I’m too fat to get pregnant” to “I know my body is capable of having a healthy and successful pregnancy”

1 hour intensive session to create your customised fertility plan


How it works:

When you click the button, you’ll be taken straight to my calendar to book the best time for our call.

Before our call I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill in so that we can dive straight into your health and fertility priorities.

During our call we discuss in depth your current health and wellbeing situation. We map out the road that takes you from here to your own personal goals.

After the call you will leave with a series of easy to action steps that focus on your priorities and take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

I’ll check in a week later to ensure the steps are easy for you to maintain and that you can continue to move closer to your goals.

This is the first step in 1-1 Fat Positive Fertility Coaching and is a great fit if you are curious about working 1-1 but are unsure how it works and what you would get out of it.

Common things I talk about with clients:

  • how to find what foods make their bodies feel good.
  • how to learn to enjoy moving their bodies again.
  • how to create meaningful habits in their day that will support their mental health.
  • tools to deal with challenging situations

I was so worried about talking to someone I don’t know about my fertility issues and how they are making me feel but Nicola is so easy to talk to, a really friendly, smiley, sympathetic ear. 

I came away from our call with some clear actions to take to help me feel better about my body and manage my emotions. I was able to take action on our plan and make some really positive changes to my life.


Before our call I was feeling so overwhelmed that I couldn’t think straight. I was in a cycle of blaming myself and hating my body and feeling like this was the end of the world.

Nicola was so empathetic, soft spoken, gentle and encouraging. After our first call together, I feel a bit more clarity – I am focused on caring for my body and taking care of myself.  There is (sometimes) less harshness and panic and self-blame. 


1 hour intensive session to create your customised fertility plan