Fat Positive Fertility Clinics

by | May 27, 2020

Finding a fertility clinic that will support you in your current body is a huge step forward to becoming a parent when you’ve exhausted other options. Sadly, these clinics can be hard to find so I’m doing what I can to make it easier for you to access the support that you deserve to becoming a parent.

I’ve wanted to create a fat positive fertility clinic guide for a long time but it was one of those things that I thought would take forever to get right so instead of putting it off, I’m bring you this imperfect version. Eventually I will turn this into a fully searchable guide but right now it’s going to start as a list of all the clinics that I find that support fat people. I will be adding to this post regularly so please do come back to check again if you find nothing in your area.

Ideally this would be filled with wonderful fat-positive clinics but that is not the world we live in so I’m including all the clinics people recommend to me with all the information I can about them. Some of them will encourage weight loss but may still provide the much needed services that you can’t access elsewhere.

 It’s also important to highlight that fat bodies come in different sizes and small fats will have an easier time than superfats. Where the person has included information about their size, I’ve included it for reference. It’s still worth emailing the clinic to ask for information on their BMI cut-offs, patient of size policies and what experience they have supporting people with a higher BMI.


Have you had a great experience in a fat-positive fertility clinic? Send me an email nicola@nicolasalmon.co.uk and I’ll add your clinic to the list.

Right now the best way to use this document is to use the search function in your internet browser to search for your City/County/State/Country.

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee your experience with these clinics but I’m hopeful that it will be a useful starting point.

United Kingdom


Newlife Fertility Clinic, Surrey

Newlife clinic are a wonderfully supportive private clinic with no BMI restrictions to accessing fertility support. They even have a copy of my book “Fat and Fertile” in the waiting room!

Create, Manchester

Create have been so supportive. So for egg collection BMI was barely mentioned (mine is about 40), the only caveat to that was them doing a check on airways etc and that we had to pay a little more for a secondanaesthetist to be present in theatre, just in case. After 2 unsuccessful egg collections, we’ve not been in the position of embryo transfer yet, but they have said I would need to be at 35 BMI ideally for then.”

Concept Fertility, East Putney, London

“Concept fertility in East Putney London were fab and had no issue with my weight BMI 40+. I had to have a quick consultation with the anesthetist (can’t spell it haha) who asked me questions about breathing, snoring, sleeping etc but I have no issues so was cleared. I liked this as it felt like they wanted to check I was fit enough without complications, instead of just going for it”

UPDATE: Concept have recently introduced a BMI limit of 40 due to COVID. 

King’s Fertility Clinic, London

” I am currently being seen as an NHS patient at King’s Fertility in London despite my BMI being over 30 (under 30 is a requirement of my local CCG – so this is much to my amazement really). No one has mentioned my weight, ever. They have given me lifestyle advice about drinking, especially as I head towards starting treatment, which makes me feel like if they were going to raise it they would have by now. They did weigh me and take my height on my initial consultation but since then it’s not been referenced. The staff have all been professional and focussed on the matter at hand. I am really impressed (and relieved) so far – but no doubt like many people you talk to am bracing myself for that to change at any moment.”

CRGW, South Wales

CGRW in South Wales have been very positive and would recommend after the first clinic I tried wasn’t very helpful.”

Republic of Ireland


Jessica Bourke – Natural Fertility Specialist

“I went to her clinic and she was so professional, informative and kind hearted and did not once say lose weight, she explained changes I needed to make to improve my own overall well-being and after 4 years of trying I got pregnant.. without losing weight.”



IVF Serum, Athens

I cant recommend enough.”


iGin, Bilbao

I went to iGin in Bilbao (Spain). They are very kind and they didn’t discard me form my BMI. They also reassured me about the possibility of a healthy pregnancy, while other clinics had ordered me to close weight to have an “adequate BMI”.”


The Netherlands

Amsterdam UMC

In The Netherlands, the clinic at Amsterdam UMC is the only one that doesn’t have a cut off point at a certain BMI, they say they look at the person’s general health instead and they will still ask you to loose weight first.”


Diers Klinik

Why not trying Diers Clinic in Denmark? They seem to be very willing to also help the overweight – without any judgement.”


Dr. Garza at Mexico Fertility Clinic

“Many women travel from across the country to see Dr. Garza. There’s even a Facebook page just for all those who have traveled to see him. He’s right across the border and the cost is only about 2,000 per IVF treatment! No BMI restrictions! He speaks English!” 





Art Fertility

“ART Fertility in Birmingham, Alabama, USA gave me incredible care without my weight being an issue. They were caring, diligent, and respectful throughout my care. Currently blissfully watching my 4-month old boy play thanks to them.”


Fertility Treatment Center in Tempe

Dr Gelety at Arizona Centre for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Arizona Center for Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility in Tucson Arizona. Dr Gelety never asked me or told me to lose weight. I don’t know about IVF because I was successful on letrozole. But they never made me feel bad about myself.”

New Direction Fertility Centre

“I used New Directions in Gilbert, AZ for fertility issues. The doctor himself said that weight only plays a minute (if any) role in getting pregnant and he treats women of all sizes just the same. I never once felt judged or “less” by them.

Although the first round of fertility treatments did not work I said “do you think it is my weight” and he again said “no, I really don’t. Women have normal and healthy pregnancies at all sizes all the time.”


Reproductive Partner Management group of Beverly Hills

“There were patients of all sizes and my weight was never mentioned other than me asking about weight gain as a side effect of the procedure. I was freezing eggs though and not trying to get pregnant.”

Yes, best doctor I have EVER had, Dr Andy Huang at Reproductive Partners Medical Group in Beverly Hills & Redondo Beach (hilariously, you can see him on YouTube as he was the fertility doc for all the Kardashians!). I wasn’t weighed once. Did two egg retrievals when around 260-280 and implanted with an embryo a year later with a weight of about 312. Lost 7 lbs first trimester and haven’t gained any more but still have wonderful care providers who have not made an issue of my size at all. It’s been wonderful. I’m about 7 weeks away now from baby girl’s arrival!”

Dr Mor at California Center for Reproductive Health, Valencia

“I recently used Dr mor and he is absolutely clueless to pcos and on our first meeting he asked me to lose weight and used the words “I don’t care how just as long as 5 to ten percent” he did however treat me regardless of my size and never mentioned weight again. I will say that in all my years of being treated by any kind of ob or doctor of any kind he has had the worst bedside manner.”

University fertility clinic in Torrance

Dr Ghadir at Southern California Reproductive center, Beverly Hills

Dr Rosen at UCSF Center for Reproductive Health

I had a wonderful experience with my fertility doc (Dr. Mitch Rosen) and team at UCSF Center for Reproductive Health in San Francisco. I went in armed and ready with my shield up to defend myself and never had to – not once from a single staff member down to the lab techs. Dr. Rosen has a fantastically nerdy and innocent way of looking at each patient’s/their partner’s biology and history and breaking it down to its simplest form – an equation that needs to be solved. He deciphers everything into variables and if a cycle is unsuccessful, he adjusts the formula and tries again. He is an extremely gifted mathematician in this regard – after YEARS of trying, I got pregnant with my daughter on my very first round of IVF with a fresh transfer of our strongest embryo. I started my cycle on August 21st (cycle day 2) and was PUPO on September 8th, and confirmed by September 21st. She is now 2 years old and brilliantly fire-headed/hearted, and stubborn as a mule. She’s the light of my life and she never would have existed if it weren’t for UCSF-CRH.”

Southern California Centre for Reproductive Medicine

“Dr Anderson isn’t warm and fuzzy but he’s not unkind either. Love them”

USC Fertility

“USC fertility in LA was great for me. Dr Kristin Bendikson was my provider.”



Reproductive Medical Associates of Connecticut

Never ONCE mentioned my weight in all the time I was going through treatments.”

Yale Reproductive Medicine



Dr Armando Hernadez at Conceptions Florida

Fertility Centre of Orlando

“Fertility Center of Orlando in Florida has been great to me. The doctor only mentioned one time that we may have more success if I lost weight but has never weighed me or refused treatment. My weight has never been an issue.”



Dr Shaprio at Reproductive Biology Associates

I had a great experience with Dr. Shapiro at RBA in Atlanta”


Dr. Emily Jungheim  at Northwestern Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, Chicago

Dr Seth Levrant at Partner’s Reproductive Health, Tinley Park

My clinic definitely mentioned that losing weight would help my chances and did tell me they can’t do anesthesia for procedures at a certain BMI due to the high risk for the woman but other than that, I got treated and it was not a daily discussion. They also don’t seem to turn people away and give people a chance whereas I know some clinics won’t see you as a patient because of your weight.”

North Shore Fertility

I was treated with dignity and respect at northshore fertility in Skokie, Illinois.”

Dr Rodgers at Fertility Centers of Illinois

I went to Fertility Centers of Illinois and had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rodgers. Never once was my weight a factor. I asked flat out if I’d have to lose weight and she said eh, it can be easier on your body if you lose before pregnancy, but as long as your numbers were good for hormones and such, we would go for it! Currently 28w w my first IVF transfer! I was 5’4″ and 286 when I started.”


Dr Seth Levrant at Partner’s Reproductive Health, Munster

My clinic definitely mentioned that losing weight would help my chances and did tell me they can’t do anesthesia for procedures at a certain BMI due to the high risk for the woman but other than that, I got treated and it was not a daily discussion. They also don’t seem to turn people away and give people a chance whereas I know some clinics won’t see you as a patient because of your weight.”

Henry Fertility, Indianapolis


Dr Jessica Kresowik at University of Iowa 

Mid Iowa Fertility

Mid Iowa Fertility are amazing!! One of my first questions to Dr Young was about my weight (since I had been turned away from every clinic in my hometown, St Paul) and he said “you know, there are multiple research studies that have proven that weight really has no bearing on your ability to conceive or carry a child! I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear that, I think I may have shed a few tears!!”



Kentucky Fertility Institute

University of Kentucky Midwives Clinic



Columbia Fertility



Dr Ashby at Brigham and Women’s Centre for Infertility

Brigham & Women’s Center for Infertility in Boston, Massachusetts- specifically Dr. Ashby. She is absolutely amazing!!”

“The fertility clinic at Brigham and Women’s in Boston are pretty good. They do have a BMI limit of 60, and there are some doctors who will put too much focus on weight, but the doctors I worked with were on the whole pretty great.”

Baystate Reproductive Medicine

Baystate Reproductive Medicine in Springfield, MA was at the very least neutral. I never received comments about my weight, suggestions to lose it, assumptions/judgments about my diet or exericise.  They were extremely kind and supportive through our entire IVF experience and always shared positive attitudes that I was going to have a baby (and I finally did on May 1). I know another woman who went there who may have had a slightly different experience but from what I gathered it was her insurance company who didn’t want to cover IVF at her BMI. I definitely think they play a role in the decisions made at clinics.”

Boston IVF

“Dr Brian Berger never had an issue with my weight and never mentioned it. I did have to do a nutrition consult per insurance. Dr Berger was great!”



Dr Cooper at Vios Fertility Institute

Vios Fertility – Dr. Cooper in St. Louis, MO. They do have a BMI requirement of 45 for IVF but she was super supportive even before I reached the BMI requirement. Vios is based out of Chicago, Il and has several different locations.”



Green Valley Fertility Partners in Henderson, NV

Dr. Fisch does not have BMI limits at his clinic. I was 300 lbs when we started our IVF journey and he did not believe my weight was the cause of our unexplained infertility. When I asked if I should take time to diet before doing IVF, he even said “I rather you be six months younger than six months skinnier!” Thanks to Dr. Fisch’s commitment to our case, we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy after our 4th round of IVF.”

New Jersey

Dr Miguel Damien at Damien Fertility Partners


New York

 Dr Zaher Merhi at New Hope Fertility Centre, New York City

I’d highly recommend Dr Zaher Merhi at New Hope Fertility Center in NYC. He’s actually done research on differences in IVF outcome for fat women, accepted me into care knowing my last provider refused to continue treatment until I lost weight, never once brought up BMI or weighed me. He’s also just incredibly responsive and kind. Best doctor I have ever had, no question about it.”

Dr Brad Trivax at Island Fertility

I go to island fertility in commack. Never have they blamed my weight.”

Dr Hodes-Wertz at NYU

“I underwent treatments at NYU in Manhattan w Dr Hodes-Wertz. My weight was never a question, and I had a successful IUI at 280lbs last year. There is no weight limit or cutoff to be seen in that office and they are very organized.”

CNY Fertility Clinic

“CNY Fertility (multiple locations but I go to the Latham, NY) has been fat positive to a degree. They are willing to accept me as a patient. Some doctors are more sensitive to weight than others. Good experience with Dr. Ditkoff. I am only able to do IUI with them. If I have to go the IVF route, they are unable to help me because the table in their operating room only goes up to 350lbs. I have expressed my concern about because they advertise being able to help regardless of BMI/Weight.”

“I had an excellent experience with CNY fertility! I worked with Kris Ziegler, Dr.Kiltz and several nurses. Weight/BMI was never a determining factor in my care.”

Dr Stewart at Weill Cornell, Brooklyn

“I’m in NYC and  had an amazing experience with Dr Joshua Stewart at Weill Cornell in Brooklyn. Dr Stewart is a gem, a sweetheart and a great guy.”

Dr Dicken at Sher Fertility

Would say that Dr. Dicken at Sher Fertility was “fat neutral”. My BMI was never a barrier to treatment or even brought up in any way as a reason for our infertility. Weight loss was never suggested as an intervention. Never had to get weighed, they just went with the weight I reported. I am sure they would have been fine with weighing me with my back to the #.”

Dr. Knochenhauer in Staten Island, NY

“Dr. Knochenhauer in Staten Island, NY is the best fertility doctor! He’s amazing but sadly only helps to get women pregnant he does not deliver babies.”

Kofinas Fertility Group

I am in NYC and Kofinas Fertility Group has treated me awesome! Im 300 pounds and my weight had never ever came up as a concern. I feel confident with them. Its a bit expensive but they also take some insurance. Im currently in my 2WW transferred my embryo last night. Send positive vibes💕”

Columbia University Fertility

“Columbia University Fertility in NYC has been great for me. I’ve done both IUI and IVF procedures there and my BMI has never been brought up or mentioned related to any restrictions. I’ve received anesthesia 4 times there, twice I was weighed before but I think it depended on the nurse that was checking me in and was more about signing a wavier about risks rather than denial of care. I’ve been seeing Dr. Lobo who I trust to be the best and know his stuff. He’s made general mentions of doing my best to lose weight before getting pregnant but nothing strongly worded or required for treatment. So not 100% fat positive but a much better experience than I’ve had with most doctors.”

Dr Kang at Weill Cornell Medicine

I see Dr. Hey Joo Kang at Weill Cornell Reproductive Medicine in New York. I am not sure about Weill Cornell as a whole but Dr. Kang’s practice, at least, does not weight-gate and my weight has never been a subject of discussion, nor was weight loss ever recommended as a way of addressing fertility. I did get weighed at the beginning of my care and again in advance of IVF, ostensibly so that my anesthesia could be properly dosed, but that was the only time weight was ever discussed and the information was collected in a neutral way. My desire not to see or discuss the number was respected.”

Your Family Fertility, Buffalo, NY

“Your Family Fertility in Buffalo, NY. I nearly cried with relief when I told my doctor I was worried about my weight and her only answer was “Are you staying fairly stable? Then don’t worry about it.”


Dr NeeOo Chin in Cincinnati

I recommend Dr NeeOo Chin in Cincinnati, OH. I saw him for my first and second pregnancies and never once felt stigmatized or told to “lose weight” to get pregnant. It was such a positive experience each time.”

Dr Bhatt at Reproductive Gynaecology and Infertility

“Reproductive Gynocology and Infertility in NE Ohio is amazing! I’ve never once heard about my weight holding me back. They do have a “money back” guarantee that does require you to have a specific BMI but it also requires that you’re not yet 35, and that you don’t sneeze when you look at the sun and a bunch of other nonsense. My dr was going over my chart and said “so you’re 35, 5’3” and 200lbs…” and I cut her off saying “I’m trying to lose weight” and she responded “girl, aren’t we all! Don’t worry about it!” Relief.”

Ohio Reproductive Medicine

“Ohio Reproductive Medicine in Columbus, Ohio. They have always been kind and never treated me differently. Also, they use science. I asked my doc once, “will I have different outcomes bc of my weight (340 lbs)” and he said “nope, statistically it will not impact your outcomes”. I will say that they use a surgery center if you want to have anesthesia during egg retrieval and bc it is not a hospital they have BMI requirements that I was waaaaay too fat for. So I had my egg retrieval in the office with like an anxiety pill and one pain pill and it was VERY painful…but it wasn’t their fault, and pain is temporary and so I would still highly recommend. Dr.Schmidt and Dr.Rossi have both been amazing and I would say are very fat accepting.”


Main Line Fertility

“Main Line Fertility have been great. They have a few locations in the Philadelphia area”




Dr Raymond Ke at Fertility Associates of Memphis



Austin Fertility Institute

Austin Fertility Institute in Austin TX has never mentioned my weight as an issue.”

Houston Fertility Institute

“I’m early on with my treatment at this place but Houston Fertility Institute so far has been great. Dr. Hoff is who I see specifically. So far no comments made about BMI or weight”

Sherilyn A. Willis, MD at Four Seasons Womens Health in Tyler, Tx

“I have found my provider to be the most fat friendly ive found. Her first concern is still my health, but she is able to treat me as a whole vs. just a fat person.”

Dr Perfetto at The Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Center of Reproductive Medicine (CORM) in Houston, TX. I believe they do not have any BMI limits. I did IVF at BMI over 50 (I know BMI is blshit, but this is what many clinics use, so I mention it so that people similarly situated can know they won’t be turned away). Specifically, I recommend Dr. Perfetto. I can’t state that she is 100% HAES, but she never suggested weight loss and always treated me with respect and kindness.”

Conceive Fertility Centre

I have found an amazing fertility doctor who literally said “BMI is bullshit”. It’s called Conceive fertility center in Irving Texas. I see doctors Tiffany Jones but the entire practice has this shared belief.


Northeastern Reproductive Medicine

“I had a good experience with Northeastern Reproductive Medicine in Colchester, VT. No mention of my weight when I went for a consultation—just total positivity.”



Dr Cherian at Women’s Health of Central Virginia

“Dr cherian women’s health center Lynchburg VA. He’s absolutely wonderful. I’m overweight, 32 weeks pregnant and my weight has never been addressed. I adore him”


Seattle Reproductive Medicine

“I’ve been working with Seattle Reproductive Medicine for the last 18 months and they have been beyond supportive and non judgmental about my size and trying to conceive. Dr. Nicole Barker in Tacoma has been especially helpful and thoughtful, I would highly recommend them to anyone!”

I’ve been a patient with Seattle Reproductive Medicine (which usually just goes by SRM) for the past year. They do have a BMI limit for IVF, but I’ve been able to do literally everything else. I’ve had basically every test, surgery to remove scar tissue from my uterus (which was even less fun than it sounds), cycles with ovulation stimulating meds, and now I’m on my first round of IUI. 🎉

I wouldn’t say they’re necessarily size positive, since they required I consult with a Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic before they started working with me — due to my BMI, and ONLY my BMI. 🤦 But… Since then my size has not come up again, and I am well under way with treatment now. 🤷‍♀️”

Pacific NorthWest Fertility

“Pacific Northwest Fertility in Seattle WA was amazing to us and respected my philosophy of being fat positive. They do have a BMI restriction for IVF.
We are currently using Maternal Fetal Medicine in Seattle WA as our OBGYN office and they have als
o been wonderful and supportive. I am fat, diabetic, have high blood pressure, and PCOS. When we went in to consult with them they said “here you are a low risk pregnancy.” Which honestly was a huge relief to hear, I was at a clinic that wasn’t scared of me being pregnant.”

UW Medicine

“Uw reproductive in Seattle is somewhat fat positive in that they will do ivf egg retrieval over a BMI of 40 but do repeatedly tell you it makes you high risk.”

The Polyclinic, Seattle

” I received all the best un-biased care and wasn’t once afraid to advocate for myself! My doctor ASKED if I wanted to be screened early for gestational diabetes, and never once mentioned increased risks, or referred to me as ‘high risk’. I had the greatest ultrasound tech that triple checked everything and was very respectful with my body. I am a patient at the Polyclinic in Seattle, WA and I am confident that other women would receive the same extraordinary care there as well!”

Sprout Birth Centre

Deborah Gleisner, ND, CPM at Sprout Birth Center in Mountlake Terrace, WA (greater Seattle area) offers intrauterine insemination (IUI). Her practice is not a fertility clinic, but can support basic inseminations and fertility services. LGBTQ-friendly and I had a positive experience throughout my conception and pregnancy with her as a plus-size person. When other providers made me worry that a slightly elevated a1c and my weight would prevent me from getting pregnant (and that my BMI made me a higher risk pregnancy), Deborah was calm and rational and grounding. That continued through my pregnancy care.”

Washington, DC

Signey Olsen and Dr Preston Sacks at Columbia Fertility Associates

“Signey was the provider that was specifically recommended to me by my nutritionist as weight neutral and my weight has never been an issue there. I think they recognise the bias against body sizes is not grounded in good science. They are patient-centered, treat me as a human being and are thoughtful, progressive care providers.”

Signey is one of the most caring and radical and HAES providers ever. I would get in touch directly with her and set up an initial phone chat. I don’t know my BMI but it was never brought up as we discussed care.”

“No BMI restrictions at CFA”

“Signey Olson at Columbia Fertility in Washington, DC”


Dr Kaldas at Kaldas Centre

“I wouldn’t say actively “fat-posjtive,” but definitely the best experience I had with fertility docs was with Dr. Kaldas in Appleton WI. He also helped me find out I had endometriosis, which no other doc thought to consider. 3 other fertility clinics refused to treat me b/c of BMI, he never once mentioned my weight or encouraged weight loss or anything.”


Dr Jatkar at Newlife IVF, Melbourne

My specialist Dr Sameer Jatkar was fantastic and never made an issue of my size. He was extremely knowledgeable, honest and warm. He co-owns Newlife Ivf in Melbourne, Australia and we had a great experience there. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd pregnancy over 40 so I definitely have a huge amount of faith in him!”

Dr Peng Ng at City Fertility Clinic, Brisbane 

Dr Peng Ng at city fertility clinic Brisbane Australia was great to me. He never once mentioned my weight. He only discussed it when I brought it up.”

Repromed, Adelaide

“It was the first time I was a patient first and a “morbidly obese woman” second. My weight was just one factor we spoke about respectfully.”


CReATe, Toronto

“I worked with CREATE in Toronto and didn’t have any problems re: weight/BMI. My BMI is 48. I was there as a surrogate and was pregnant first try. They weren’t super caring/cuddly but they did the job.”

Olive Fertility Centre, Vancouver

“I found a fertility clinic in Vancouver, BC, Canada that is size inclusive, called Olive Fertility. They will see all patients regardless of size! The College of Physicians of B.C. limits IVF treatments to those with a BMI under 40, but they will perform IUI and other treatments regardless of size!!!”



New Zealand