Fat Positive Fertility

by | Apr 8, 2019


Getting pregnant in a fat body should be the same as getting pregnant in any other body but in our culture our fat bodies have been demonised.


From a young age we are conditioned to believe that our bodies are wrong and that we must do everything in our power to make them smaller.

When you have been told over and over that getting pregnant in a fat body is hard, you start to believe it.

When you have been shamed at your doctors too many times to count, you avoid going to see healthcare professionals as much as you can.

When you have spent years of your life torturing yourself with restrictive dieting and gruelling exercise regimens, it impacts your health.


If you are in a fat body, you experience very different challenges when you want to get pregnant.


You need a very different approach.

Which is why I created the FAT+ve framework.


The Fat Positive Framework

I designed the FAT+ve framework to give you the tools to face the challenges of getting pregnant in a fat body.


Formulate: Create an action plan that does not centre around weight loss but takes you from where you are right now to your health goals and priorities in a way that feels good.

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Advocate: Arm yourself with the tools to advocate for your body with other healthcare professional. Learn how to ask for the support that you deserve and demand better from your doctor.

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Trust: Relearn how to trust your body in a world where we are told to ignore what our body is telling us. We are so used to using external cues that we have forgotten how to listen to what our body is telling us.

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Positive: When you have been told that your body is not capable of getting pregnant, it’s essential to retrain your brain into trusting that it is capable of getting pregnant.

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If this type of support is exactly what you are looking for, check out my Fat Positive Fertility Coaching. We start with a Fat Fertility Action Plan and month-by-month build your confidence in all areas of the FAT+ve framework so that you can have a healthy and happy pregnancy in your beautiful body.