Hey lovely, I’m so happy you’re here.

Hopefully you’ve found this page because you know I’m all about HAES and Intuitive Eating, like you! I also work with people who need support with their fertility. Maybe you’ve read my book or we connected online or both! I have another way to work together and I’m so excited to share this next step with you. 

It’s my Fat-Positive Fertility Network

Here’s how it works: Quite simply, you recommend to your client and I join the support team with a focus on providing specific self-advocacy services the client can use immediately for any fertility and pregnancy-related interactions that have been challenging.

By doing so, you free up your time to work on other client needs and I get to help boost your clients’ hope and confidence that they can navigate the fertility space in a bigger body and succeed at getting pregnant. 


Why me? (That’s a great question!) 

  • As a fertility coach working specifically with bigger bodies, I have a depth of knowledge of the research in the fertility industry and how it relates to weight science.
  • I have lived experience being in a bigger body with PCOS and navigating the bias faced in fertility and maternity care.
  • Knowledge and experience working with a multitude of different fertility providers.

Let me help your client create a positive mindset around getting pregnant.

As part of the Fat-Positive Fertility Network, you have the opportunity to email me with any fertility related questions that you have as you are working with your clients and will get free access to fertility specific resources and future trainings that I run for healthcare professionals.


The Fat-Positive Fertility Network is completely free to join. By signing up below, you will immediately receive my research summary of IVF for people in bigger bodies and receive a monthly e-mail with further resources.


To refer a client:

– Discuss with your client if they would find additional support helpful in the areas of advocating for their health and creating a positive mindset in getting pregnant.

– If this is something you both feel they would benefit from, send an email to nicola@nicolasalmon.co.uk cc’ing your client into the email.

– From there we can set up an initial appointment. With your clients permission, I will email you and your client updates of our work after each session so that we can work together as a team. 

Referral appointments can be booked on a ad-hoc basis as clients are getting consistent support from you.

Any questions, please email nicola@nicolasalmon.co.uk 

What people say

“Whilst I am a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor, I recognise there are limitations in the amount of knowledge I have in specific subject areas – in particular, fertility! I was recommended to contact Nicola for some support with a client, and I am so pleased to have found her.

 Nicola has been a huge help to supporting my client, especially in helping her advocate for herself at fertility appointments, and in changing her mindset and beliefs on her ability to get pregnant. This has nicely complimented the work I am doing in sessions with the client to help her improve her relationship with food. Nicola has communicated with me clearly and professionally to share relevant client information, and I won’t hesitate to use her in the future. If you need a helping hand with navigating the complex world of fertility and weight inclusive care, Nicola is the person to contact!”

 Katherine Kimber, Registered Dietitian



Feedback from the client

Thank you Nicola. Wow! It went much better than I thought. The consultant said a definitive NO at first, saying it was group and company policy….. but we stayed and pressed and explained and showed him our letters and evidence. By the end of the appointment he said he wanted to treat me…that we would make an appeal to the boss of the clinic and that these appeals supported by him are usually successful. What I have to do now is write a personal statement and he will submit it and my case to his boss. It was all a bit humiliating but surprising how intelligent argument and persistence triumphed in the end!
Thank you so much for considering working with me. If you have any other questions or collaboration ideas, please e-mail nicola@nicolasalmon.co.uk

I also have a “referral script” (not that you need to memorise it…) but I created it because sometimes people want to know how to broach the subject with their client and it could be useful in helping you talk to them about the benefits of working with me. I’m happy to drop it in an email to you. Just ask! 


BSc (Hons) Physical Sciences – University College London

MSc (Hons) Medical Engineering and Physics – King’s College London

Diploma of Naturopathy – College of Naturopathic Medicine

Diploma of Acupuncture – College of Naturopathic Medicine

Integrative Fertility Coaching – Integrative Fertility Institute