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Having irregular cycles has been the bane of my life. Since I was 13, my natural cycles have always varied from 30 to 100+ days. Irregular periods are one of the most common symptoms of PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome) and unless you know your ovulation symptoms really well it’s easy to miss the best time to have sex. Not knowing when or if you ovulate can be one of the most frustrating parts about getting pregnant with an irregular cycle.

I recently got in touch with Mira to review the latest way that we can track our ovulation.


Your Fertile Window 

Your fertile window is the days in your cycle when you are able to get pregnant. Contrary to what we are taught in school, for the average person, there are only 5-6 days in each cycles where your body is able to get pregant – four days leading up the ovulation, ovulation and the day after.

When you want to get pregnant, it’s therefore essential to have sex in that window, but this is much more complicated for people with irregular cycles.

Tracking your cycle can be really helpful to ensure you are able to target those days. There are several ways that you can track your cycles and your ovulation but they all have their pros and their cons.

Blood tests

When you go to see your healthcare professional, they will generally do a blood test seven days after estimated ovulation (Day 21 of a 28-day cycle) to test your progesterone levels. If your progesterone is high enough, this will confirm that ovulation has taken place. It is helpful to have that result of if you ovulate or not, but blood tests would be costly to do each month and are not helpful for timing when you have sex.

Ovulation Predictor Kits

The most popular ovulation predictior is the Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK). Each stick measures the amout of Lutenising Hormone (LH) in your urine. This is useful as LH normally peaks just before ovulation. The problem with OPKs for people with irregular cycles is that they can often be unreliable and may not pick up your LH rise, leading you to believe that you are not ovulating.

Basal Body Temperature

Tracking your cycle using your Basal Body Temperature (BBT), cervical mucus and other ovulatation symptoms is a really important way to understand more about what is going on with your hormones and to confirm ovulation. I recommend that all my clients do this for at least three cycles (If you want more information on this, you can access my fertility charting quick guide when you sign up to the Fat Positive Fertility Hub). Again the big problem is that it isn’t always easy to predict when ovulation is coming.

Ovulation Symptoms

You may notice that your cervical mucus becomes an egg-white consistency, you may find you get small cramps in your ovaries, you might see an increase in your libido or you may see nothing at all, in which case you might miss your fertile window.

If you have an irregular cycle, that becomes even more frustrating because you often have less cycles per year anyway and you have no idea when the next one is coming.


Cue Ovulation Tracking with the Mira Fertility Tracker

I contacted Mira after one of my clients found them online.

Mira is a portable hormone tracking system that you can use at home to measure your levels of Lutenising Hormone (LH). This means that you will be able to see exactly where your LH baseline is and watch it rise before you ovulate, meaning that you will never miss a fertile window again.

I love the idea of this system because it’s simple to use and it gives you actual data about your body so that you can confirm when and if you are ovulating. Having that data is very empowering!

I’m reviewing how the Mira works during my next cycle so come back then to find out how I get on with using it.


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**Please note that I was gifted the Mira Fertility Tracker to review but all the opinions on this page are my own. I receive a small affiliate payment for every purchase of the Mira system using my code. This does not cost you anything but ensures that I can continue to run my business.**

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