Love listening to podcasts? Here are the latest ones you can catch me on


Fill Your Cup Podcast with Rachel Molenda

Rachel and I had a fab chat about so many topics! We touched on weight stigma in the fertility and pregnancy world⁠, getting pregnant while navigating PCOS + weight stigma ⁠
and intuitive eating while planning to get, or while you are, pregnant ⁠

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She’s All Fat with Sophie Carter-Kahn

Sophie was an absolute joy to chat with. We talked about so many important topics around fat fertility including reproductive justice and how fatness intersects with other marginalisations when folks are going through fertility issues.

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Fertility Academy with Michelle Kapler

Two fellow acupuncturists unite for a great conversation about some of the common myths surrounding fertility for fat folks, what the research says (and what it doesn’t say), how people can advocate for better care and so much more!

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Break The Diet Cycle Podcast with Melissa Landry & Dalina Soto

It was a joy to chat with Dalina and Melissa about the myths getting pregnant in bigger bodies, how shame impacts folks who want to get pregnant and the real mental health issues that folks face throughout their whole experience.

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Diet Culture Dropout with Bonnie Roney

We had such a great conversation about Intutive Eating and fertility, the harm that weight loss recommendations does in fertility spaces and so much more.

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Embrace Fertility with Naomi Woolfson

Naomi and I had a lovely chat about how fat impacts fertility, why our culture is obsessed with fat and unhealthiness and how that impacts us on a personal level.

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Real Health Radio with Chris Sandel

Chris and I had an awesome chat about all things fat positive fertility, weight stigma during pregnancy, the eficacy of fertility treatments and even a bit of wild swimming!

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Dietitians Unplugged with Glenys Oyston and Aaron Flores

I loved chatting with Aaron and Glenys so much! We talked about:

– my experience of with fertility and being in a larger body
– the lack evidence for weight loss improving fertility
– the mixed research on weight-related fertility issues and the development of gestational diabetes in higher weight people
– the weight stigma higher weight people face at the doctor’s office
– what behaviors actually help to support fertility (hint: there’s no special formula)
– the importance of setting boundaries at the doctor’s office to help create a more equal power dynamic…. so much good stuff!

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The Yours Chewly Podcast with Claire Chewning

I have a huge crush on Claire’s TikTok videos and it was an absolute honour to chat with her about Fat Fertility and how Intutive Eating is an awesome way to support your fertility.

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HAESY podcast with MeganJo Olson and Carly Metcalf

It was awesome to chat with these two wonderful people all about HAES and fertility, beyond just getting pregnant. We talked about body literacy, how the medical system forgets about people with uteri and how you can use your periods to help heal your relationship with your body.

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The Mindful Dietitian with Fiona Sutherland

I was so thrilled to chat with one of my HAES idols Fi Sutherland. We had an amazing conversation including a really powerful chat about individual responsibility and how you can build your healthcare team to actually support you.

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Fertility Warriors with Robyn Birkin

Robyn and I have been friends for years but we have never discussed my work in depth. Robyn asks me all the hard questions that everyone is thinking about if you can get pregnant in a fat body and why we are told that we can’t! It’s a fantastic episode and one I loved recording with Robyn. 

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Fat Girl Finds Love with Briana Cavanaugh

Briana and I have a brilliant conversation about fertility, orgasms and why seeing representation of fat bodies in the fertility world is so important.

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Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison

Christy and I discuss common myths about fertility, food, and weight; how to advocate for your health needs; the real reason why IVF clinics have BMI cutoffs; tips for preparing for pregnancy if you’re in a larger body; and so much more.

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Body Kindness with Rebecca Scritchfield

Has your fertility or medical care been delayed or disrupted due to COVID-19?

Listen to my episode with Rebecca as we discuss how COVID-19 has disrupted fertility treatment and how you can support yourself through this time.


Fierce Fatty Podcast with Victoria Welsby

I was Victoria’s very first guest on her awesome podcast. This episode was full of laughs, love and absolute anger at the way that fat people are treated with their fertility. 

Listen to our episode here


The Beyond the Food Show with Stephanie Dodier and Ashley Dorough

Stephanie hosts this incredible convesation with Ashley Dorough and I as we discuss all things fat fertility and pregnancy. Ashley shares her journey to becoming a parent.

Listen to our conversation here