Love listening to podcasts? here are the latest ones you can catch me on


Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison

Christy and I discuss common myths about fertility, food, and weight; how to advocate for your health needs; the real reason why IVF clinics have BMI cutoffs; tips for preparing for pregnancy if you’re in a larger body; and so much more. Listen to our episode here


Body Kindness with Rebecca Scritchfield

Has your fertility or medical care been delayed or disrupted due to COVID-19?

Listen to my episode with Rebecca as we discuss how COVID-19 has disrupted fertility treatment and how you can support yourself through this time.


Fierce Fatty Podcast with Victoria Welsby

I was Victoria’s very first guest on her awesome podcast. This episode was full of laughs, love and absolute anger at the way that fat people are treated with their fertility. 

Listen to our episode here


The Beyond the Food Show with Stephanie Dodier and Ashley Dorough

Stephanie hosts this incredible convesation with Ashley Dorough and I as we discuss all things fat fertility and pregnancy. Ashley shares her journey to becoming a parent.

Listen to our conversation here