Ready for the support you’ve deserved all along?

Become Your Body’s Fertility Advocate

You're in the right place if:

  • you want to get pregnant in the next 12-18 months
  • you've been to see your doctor about fertility and been turned away and told to lose weight (maybe you haven't even got that far because you know that's what they'll say)
  • you're struggling to find a fertility doctor or clinic that will support you based on your BMI
  • you don't have anyone you can trust or feel supported by on your healthcare team

I have 2 spots available to work with me on my brand new 8 week coaching program “Become Your Body’s Fertility Advocate”

Together over 8 weeks we will focus on the two main skills you need to advocate for your fat body with fertility professionals.

1. Build Confidence and Resilience Before you even book at first appointment, you need to believe that you deserve to have your fertility needs met and that you are worthy of care and support in growing your family. We will spend 50% of our time together examining our beliefs around the support you deserve to receive and how you should be treated as a fat person. We will build safety, confidence and resilience in your body and your beliefs around getting pregnant in your fat body.

2. Find and influence the care you need Together we will take stock of your current healthcare team and plan how to get your needs met around your fertility care. We will spend time planning for potential roadblocks and building an evidence summary to counteract them, alongside ensuring you have all the skills you’ll need to be prepared for all future fertility appointments.


    The cost is £800 / $1000 for 8 weeks paid in two instalments 

    This course has been nothing short of a life-saver for me. Moving into this phase of life where we’re trying to start a family, it’s supposed to be exciting – and whilst it is – it’s filled with so many questions and concerns and can easily become more stressful than exciting.

    Having Nicola is like having a personal fertility cheerleader – whether it’s helping me focus on tiny action steps I can take to improve my health and fertility to just helping calm the anxiety by reminding me to believe that my fat body is 100% capable of getting pregnant.

    Honestly, I don’t know how people do it alone – Nicola’s guidance and support has been instrumental in keeping me feeling positive about what’s ahead

    Fertility issues are sooo challenging and Nicola was there with information, guidance, support, an advocate’s spirit, a true willingness to do the research and find more answers, and deep deep care. She is exactly who I wanted on my side.

    Working with Nicola was the best choice I could have made in terms of fertility.

    In the midst of all the ups and downs that was trying to conceive, she was always there for me – whether to congratulate me on a step in the right direction, gently hold me accountable on my goals, encourage me advocate for myself with doctors, help research important topics, or simply be an ear to listen or virtual shoulder to cry on.

    I truly don’t know how I could have survived the last year without her unwavering support. And I’m so happy to say that it worked and my husband and I could not be more excited to welcome a new addition to our family in the coming months.

    Nicola offers something that folks who want to get pregnant all need – a doula who walks with you through your entire fertility journey, not only in the delivery room.

    With her warmth, wisdom, and wit Nicola has created an experience that brings the humanity back into a space that has been dominated by shame and fear.

    From your first conversation with her, it’s so easy to tell that Nicola puts her whole heart and mind into supporting people holistically. She’s that friend you never knew you were missing and now you can’t imagine your journey without her.

    Step One

    Book a free consultation with Nicola.

    During this free consultation, we will discuss what’s going on for you right now and create a plan of how to move forward towards growing your family.

    I will then support you in making a fully informed decision about whether 1-1 coaching with me will be the next best step for you.


    Step Two

    Once we’ve had our free consultation and you’ve decided that you’d like to work together, I’ll send you a link where you can pay and book your sessions straight away.

    If you are ready to get started, you can pay and book your sessions right here.