I’m not green fingered in the slightest. I managed to kill a cactus when I was 15, if that’s even possible? I love the idea of having lots of plants around, they are great for your health and wellbeing. But i never remember to water them and I’m pretty sure dead plants are not so good for your wellbeing so I gave up. I may not know anything about looking after plants, but I know one thing. It’s not the flowers fault.
  • I don’t water it enough.
  • I put it in the wrong soil.
  • I don’t give it the right plant food.
  • I don’t put in the right place to give it enough sunshine and shade.
It’s all about the environment which the flower is in. It’s not the flowers fault. This makes complete sense right? So why is it that when our body isn’t functioning the way that we want it to, we blame ourselves? It’s not your fault.  You didn’t do anything to deserve this, this isn’t a punishment for anything and your body definitely doesn’t hate you. It’s time to look at the environment around you and change things you can control rather than worrying about what you can’t. Nutrition Are you giving yourself enough nourishment? Ensure you are getting enough of the good stuff from foods and supplements so that your body has all the right building blocks for its million and one processes. Hydration Are you watering yourself frequently enough? Your wee should be a lovely pale straw colour (unless you’re taking B vitamins which make it bright yellow) Rest Make sure you are getting enough sleep and downtime. We are not meant to be busy 24/7. Sleep is essential for good health and good fertility. Pollutants It’s sad that we really can’t get away from chemicals in our environments these days. You can ensure you limit your exposure by being aware of where they are and taking some precautions
  • Cleaning products – Standard cleaning products are rife with hormone disrupters. Pick eco friendly products for fewer chemicals, wear gloves and clean in a well ventilated are if possible. I recommend avoiding it all together if possible – get your partner to do it 😉
  • Beauty products – Your skin absorbs what you put on it. If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, do you really want to put it on your skin? Pick natural products and really think about the amount of products you are currently using.
Mindset As difficult it is to believe sometimes, you can change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts will change your feelings and these things together will help you take the action that you want to take. Check out my blog post here on more things you can do to improve your thoughts. Which part of your environment do you feel you need to change the most?