Here is what some of my past clients have said about working together

I attended one of your mini 5 day courses earlier in the year, and am now 22 weeks pregnant! I have found that I’ve been able to advocate for myself and ask more probing questions around the need for certain plans and treatments. I’ve been classed as high risk due to BMI, but I’ve been surprised to find that I have no (or minimal!) guilt or anxiety around this as I may have done previously. And have not felt compelled to restrict foods, as I hear so many other pregnant people feeling the need to do when I look on forums.

I have also felt confident enough to start pregnancy yoga and aqua natal classes with no feelings of shame, or like I don’t deserve to be there.

So this is just a huge Thank you! For all that you have helped me with and all that you continue to do for this community.


Nicola’s fertility program was the best decision I made on my journey to becoming pregnant.  I thought conception would come easily, coming from a large family, being in my early 30s and in good health.  After months of trying, I became a wreck on a monthly basis, waiting to see if this would be the month…

Nicola’s program taught me to think outside of the mere mechanics of conception and consider my wellbeing holistically.  Through the simple but informative workbooks, we identified other influences in my life which may have been having a negative effect and found solutions so I could control the impact they were having on me.  The exercise and diet suggestions I am sure not only helped me conceive, but have found a place in my everyday life, and I am still using the relaxation and mindfulness techniques suggested by Nicola.

What’s more, the course welcomes input from your partner, so my husband has been involved on this journey with me, and could support me with the changes I made as a result of Nicola’s guidance.  My weekly calls with Nicola helped me delve deeper, investigating further the concerns I had identified when going through the workbooks, and motivated me to keep working on my own wellbeing as a fertility tool.

For me, the best thing about this program is the personalisation.  Nicola got to know the journey I was on, and coached me through that journey.  This wasn’t a generic approach to a problem, but a tailored solution for my life.  I would advise anyone thinking about trying to conceive to give this a go. Thank you, Nicola!

Sian, UK

When we started working together I was feeling overwhelmed and afraid that engaging more with fertility coaching would cause it to further dominate and consume my life – in fact the opposite happened – I feel more empowered to honour the importance of this journey and what comes up but also able to hold and focus on other parts of life. I feel the changes I have made have been positive for my overall wellbeing as well as my fertility.

I felt overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, full of negativity, blame and anger and beating myself up for feeling like this. I was completely unable to discern useful (lifestyle) changes to make and lacking the tools to bring them in realistically

Your lovely, empathic, warm style was really welcoming and so different to other programs where you feel constantly bombarded with info or people trying to sell you something. I loved the style of the workbooks and info, and the weekly meditations were wonderful! It was so lovely to all be there together sharing the journey and feeling held, heard and healed

I now feel more positive and in control of my lifestyle and more accepting of the challenges of this fertilty journey and everything it brings up. I feel more able to accept difficult emotions rather than shutting them out or beating myself up about feeling them.

I have made significant changes to my diet and self-care regime (including making more time for meditation, exercise and better sleep!) and feel very good about this.

Not so specific but I have a deeper sense of genuine hopefulness for the future whatever it brings

Isobel, UK

My biggest struggle before I started working with Nicola was wondering if it would ever happen! Throughout our time working together, I significantly improved my diet, drank more water and was more religious with my supplements (setting achievable goals each time we met) – I’m sure it was this, plus the acupuncture that made the difference and helped me get pregnant.

I would highly recommend Nicola – it really helps to have someone there to support you along the way, helping you make important changes to improve diet and lifestyle and stop you worrying as much! I’d never heard of a fertility coach before coming across Nicola, but more women should have one, it’s a very valuable service. It felt like talking to a really knowledgeable friend, who genuinely cared. The added touches of cards and little emails to help me stay on track were so thoughtful and much appreciated.

Rebecca, UK

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for more than a year and a half when I started working with Nicola. I was charting my cycle, eating right, getting acupuncture and taking all the right supplements, but nothing seemed to change.
If I’m being honest, I was close to giving up on having biological children. I’d gotten some really negative advice from a reproductive health practitioner, who told me I had a higher than normal chance of miscarriage and post partum depression if I were to get pregnant at the time.
When I first started working with Nicola, I was surprised to find that the focus wasn’t on “fixing” my body in order to get pregnant. It was more about finding what works for me, and ditching everything else.
Nicola is a fertility coach, but working with her feels like having a life coach. She helped me make some decisions about a bad work situation, she helped me realize my husband and I had some things we needed to work out and she helped me find what makes me happy – regardless of having kids.
When things started to fall into place, Nicola guided me through daring to hope for a family again, and when I did, it only took a couple of cycles before we got that glorious positive pregnancy test!
After almost 2,5 years of trying, we are pregnant! I’m through the first trimester now, and everything seems to be going great. I’m not scared of miscarriage or post partum depression, because I feel like I have a strong foundation. My relationship is healthy, I know what makes me happy, and I am ready to bring a brand new person into my already fulfilling life.
Thank you, Nicola, for helping me make my family a reality.