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You are in exactly the right place if you want to learn more about how we can collaborate together to support fat folks navigating fertility issues.

My name is Nicola Salmon and I’m the leading expert in fat-positive fertility and author of the book “Fat and Fertile”.

I help fat folks navigate getting pregnant in a weight-obsessed world and advocate for change in how fat people are treated whilst accessing help with their fertility, by raising awareness and collaborating with public and private sectors on national and local levels.

I graduated from University College London with a BSc in Physical Sciences and an MSc in Medical Engineering and Physics from King’s College London. I went on to train as a clinical scientist before working within the public sector at the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. Having spent 11 years in academia and public health sciences and subsequently having spent 5 years researching the intersections of fatness, fertility and health, I am well placed to navigate healthcare research.

My Audience:

    I have dedicated the past 5 years of my career to supporting folks in bigger bodies with their fertility alongside advocating for change within the fertility sector.

    In that time, I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with over 32, 000 folks via Instagram, over 1,000 folks on facebook and over 4,000 folks via my regular email newsletter.

    I also have a thriving private community space called The Fat and Fertile Alliance

    How we can work together:

    I work with healthcare professionals and companies who want to actively and positively support fat people with their fertility without discrimination based on their size.

    Become an affiliate

    If you would like to share my courses and workshops with your audience, I’d love to invite you to become an affiliate. You can find more information here.

    Do you have an audience of folks in bigger bodies navigating fertility issues?

    If you have an audience of folks who want to learn more about topics surrounding getting pregnant in a bigger body, I’d love to support you in creating resources for them. Prices start at £300.

    • Online resources – either written by me for your blog or sharing my insight with you.
    • Online courses – I would love to record an interview with you sharing my expertise for your audience or design a course for your business.
    • In-person events – I’d love to come to your festival or event and speak about fat fertility, reproductive rights or healthcare inequality.

    Some examples of work that I’ve done include:

    Do you have an audience of healthcare professionals who support folks in bigger bodies?

    If you have a team or group of healthcare professionals who want to learn more about fat positive fertility, I can provide bespoke support including in depth research resources. Prices start at £500

    • Bespoke online and in-person training events for your conference
    • Training presentations for your staff for fertility clinics, nutrition centres, hospital departments
    • Online presentations for your online program or course

    Some examples of work that I’ve done include:

    Are you a fertility business who wants to be more inclusive of fat folks?

    If you are a company that wants to provide an inclusive and evidence-based service to fat folks navigating fertility issues, I would be thrilled to support your company in understanding the complexities and nuances that come with navigating getting pregnant in a bigger body (which is over a third of the population!)

    • Science-backed insight and expertise in product development to include fat people
    • Support in ensuring the marketing of your product is inclusive of fat folks includingt he use of language within your campaigns and ensuring you are as inclusive as you want to be in your imagery
    • Sharing products and services with my audience that align with my values ie that do not promote weight loss or dieting and support folks in the pursuit of body liberation for all bodies


    Kind words from Ragen Chastain, Fat Activist, Speaker and Author

    Ragen asked me to write a three part series for their incredible Weight and Healthcare newsletter on Gynaecology, Fertility and Pregnancy. This is what Ragen had to say about working together:

    I have had the very good luck to collaborate with Nicola Salmon, and she is both a joy and a privilege to work with. She is deeply knowledgeable, with the ability to dig deep and get to the truth of the research.

    She blends her scholarship with the knack for writing about complicated subjects in clear, accessible language. I recommend Nicola without reservation.”

    Kind words from Tiffany Roe, Clinical Mental Health Counselor

    Tiffany asked me to record an interview together to be a part of her Infertility course. This is what Tiffany had to say about working together:

    Nicola is a powerful voice in the infertility space. She brings compassion, research based knowledge, & lived experience meeting a huge need for so many. I was impressed with Nicolas ability to speak to the nuance and tender needs of marginalized folks dealing with infertility.

    Her feminist lens and advocacy values inform her work as an infertility coach which makes her not only qualified, but shes  changing the infertility game. She speaks up against systems of oppression and brings evidence based tools to support folks in their journey. I highly recommend Nicola, her book, and her work as an expert in infertility coaching and knowledge. It’s an honor working with her.”