The Fat and Fertile Alliance is a group of folks brought together by their shared desire to grow their family in a world that oppresses fat folks. We are all different and have different lived experiences but we are coming together to support one another and create a space where we feel included, supported and cherished.

You deserve all the support that you need in order to grow your family.

Our culture and our healthcare systems have been created to exclude us from accessing the support and healthcare we might need in order to grow our family. This is NOT OK! It is your reproductive right to be able to access fertility care without shame and judgement and I want to support you in navigating this.

This is where The Fat and Fertile Alliance comes in!

The Fat and Fertile Alliance

A community of folks navigating getting pregnant in a bigger body with support from Nicola Salmon, Fat-positive Fertility Coach

Meet Nicola

I’m folks, I’m Nicola Salmon (she/her) and I’m a fat-positive fertility coach and author of the book “Fat and Fertile”.

I support fat folks who want to get pregant in our weight obsessed world.

The Fat and Fertile Alliance was born out of my desire to offer support to as many fat folks as possible and provide you with the tools and langauge to navigate getting pregnant without shame and judgement and to positiviely influence the care you receive along the way.

What’s included?


Private Community Group

As part of the Alliance you get access to a private community space (not a facebook group) with Nicola and other fat folks who want to grow their families so that you have a space where you can go to share your frustrations, ask questions, find resources and make allies with people who will understand exactly what you are going through.

Monthly Q&A

Every month you will have the opportunity to submit questions for Nicola to answer in a monthly Q&A video. This allows us to go into questions in more depth and I can share research and resources that you can use to get the fertility support you need.

You can also access the easy to search archive of Q&A videos.

Discount on all workshops & Short Courses

You will get a discount of 33% on all of Nicola’s workshops and short courses (current and future) so that you can access any additional resources as and when you need it, including:

Fat Fertility 101

Evidence based Fertility for Fat Folks

IVF and IUI for Fat Folks

How to Stop Feeling Shit about Wanting to Get Pregnant



Throughout the year I will be sharing bonus events and resources especially for folks within the Alliance.

Our first bonus is free access to my new short course.

It’s called “How to Navigate the Weight Obsessed Fertility System

How is this better than a free facebook group?

By joining the Alliance, you are joining a community of other folks who share similar values to you and actively want to find support with other folks who share their lived experience. Having a community of folks who “get it” gives us a bubble of safety to rest and build resilience so we have more energy to navigate whatever comes our way.

The Alliance is also where I’m sharing resources and tools to support you with whatever questions you have about fertility and pregnancy in a bigger body. You can submit questions every month for me to answer and you can post whenever you need advice, guidance or a group of cheerleaders to give you the love and support you’ve always deserved whilst you grow your family.

By signing up to a community space like this one, you are declaring that you are worthy of accessing support and shame-free care in growing your family.

Finally by paying to access this support, you are supporting my business which allows me to continue to fight for fat folks rights’ to access fertility care without shame or limits.


The Alliance is offered at a sliding scale. The actual cost of membership is $13 per month.

There are currently 10 spots available at $5 per month. These are for folks who struggle to meet basic needs and paying for access would still be a significant hardship.

There is also a pay-it-forward membership of $21 per month. If you choose this membership, I’ll be able to add an additional spot at $5 for folks who require a lower cost payment option.

Terms and Conditions

You can cancel your membership in the alliance at anytime inside the group area (the cancellation process is super simple with just a couple of buttons to press). No refunds are available on fees already paid.


The Fat and Fertile Alliance

A community of folks navigating getting pregnant in a bigger body with support from Nicola Salmon, Fat-positive Fertility Coach