Join me for Fat Fertility Friday!

Yes, I do love a little alliteration, but that’s not the only reason I chose Friday for these weekly nuggets of wisdom. 

I know most of us work through the week and keep our minds busy with all the life and work admin that needs taking care of, then the weekend comes around and you have more time to think. 

Time to reflect on your fertility jorney so far, time to begin it, time to research and all of the stuff in between. And you may feel like you need a friend by your side.

I’ve been there, done it and literally written a book about it (not got the t-shirt yet, though!), so my weekly emails contain a mix of my own personal experience and educational content.

Join me for weekly-ish emails all about fat acceptance, body positivity, feminism and fertility. There may also be occasional swearing and cute gifs. You can unsubscribe any time. I will protect your details in accordance with my Privacy Policy.