Fat – even the word can leave a funny taste in your mouth


If you were born in the 80’s (’84 baby here ?) you’ll not doubt remember the war on fat that started. 

Fat in your diet began to be completely demonised and it was quickly removed from every possible source.

  • You cut all the fat off your meat and only bought lean cuts
  • If it said “Low fat” on the label, you bought it
  • Skimmed (or semi skimmed at a push) was the only choice for milk
  • Butter was replaced with low fat spreads and margarine

It was a low fat revolution and apparently the solution to all our fat problems.

The problem is that it didn’t work. All the “fat” related diseases, like heart disease and diabetes are still on the rise. So what went wrong?

Fat is not the enemy

The correlation is obvious, even the word is the same. The fat you eat leads to fat on your body. But it’s just not true.

Your body does not put the fat you eat straight on your hips.

Fat is actually an essential building block for the production of all your hormones. Your body needs fats every day to keep your body healthy.

Is it any wonder we now live in a time when our hormones are completely fucked up? The low fat marketing ploy has a lot to answer for.

Become friends with fat


You don’t have to jump in a vat of butter straight away. If you’ve been living the low fat lifestyle for a long time, your taste buds might take a little while to readjust so take it slowly. 

Include a healthy source of fat into every meal and snack. Fat satiates your appetite and will keep you feeling full for longer. 

Healthy fats are naturally occurring fat – Olive oil, coconut oil, animal fats, butter, avocado, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs, anything that is in nature.

Avoid man-made fats like sunflower oil, vegetable oil, spreads and other hydrogenated fats (check the label if you’re unsure)

Pick the best quality fats you can afford. With dairy and meat, pick grass-fed and organic if possible. 

Enjoy your food. Fat makes food taste good. Don’t let fat phobia sneak in and make you feel guilty. Fat is good for your health and your fertility.