Lynda was able to change the clinic’s mind about accessing IVF

When I first started working with Lynda, she was so overwhelmed because she couldn’t find a clinic who would support her through IVF at her current size and age. She had reached out to clinics and they were denying her care. In our work together, we made a list of all the reasons that we knew clinics would use to deny her care. 

Then we came up with rigorous scientific data refuting each excuse.

 As a result of our work, Lynda was able to go in and advocate for herself like a champion. The end result? The clinic agreed to treat Lynda and she started her IVF. That is the kind of work we will be doing together in Supported

When you join “Supported”, you’ll get trained in how to powerfully and strategically advocate for yourself. You’ll get access to the same kind of information and evidence that Lynda and I used to prepare her case and you’ll be able to advocate for yourself like a champion so that you can influence fertility clinics and healthcare professionals and get the treatment you need.

Emily fought for her embyro transfer and got pregnant with her first cycle

Emily was working with a clinic, went through IVF and egg collection then told that she wasn’t able to have a transfer until she lost weight. We worked together to contest unethical and abhorent stance and got it overturned so that she could have her transfer


Melissa found a doctor who doesn’t shame her

Melissa found out she was pregnant after five years of trying and 2 pregnancy losses. After working together she decided to find a new doctor that listens to her and has never once mentioned weight loss. She gave up dieting and found a freedom she never thought was possible.


Carys reclaimed her joy, her power and her life

Carys felt like a failure throughout her fertility journey on so many levels. Working together she connected with herself like she had never done on this journey so far and she was able to work out what was within her control and what was beyond it. She is still fighting, smiling and being happy. She feels confident she will never question “what if?”


Elizabeth didn’t wait three years to begin growing her family

Elizabeth was told that she had to wait three years, lose weight AND get approval from her gynaecologist before she could start trying to get pregnant. After working together, she realised it was her decision when she started and was able to start right away.


Elyssa confronted her fears about her body and is now a lot more confident and empowered

Elyssa got pregnant a few months after we started working together. Our work helped her confront her fears about being pregnant in a fat body. It made her stronger in her resolve that her weight was not the issue. She felt more confident in her body’s ability and less shamed and stressed because she knew the facts and could make an informed decision about what risks were involved.


Annabel listened to her body’s needs

Annabel has a history of disordered eating. Together we worked through listening to what her body needs and she has made amazing progress into recognising disordered eating behaviours, not judging them and making the decision about food that best supports and nourished her body and her physical and mental health.


Alison found joy in movement again

Alison wanted to feel stronger and more mobile in her body but after years of being entrenched in diet culture, she didn’t know how to move her body in a way that didn’t involve weight loss. By working together she was able to focus on things that helped her feeling stronger that she enjoyed rather than what she perceived was going to help her lose weight


Sarah learnt how to STOP dealing with other people’s crap

Sarah was used to other people making her feel bad about her body and her desire to get pregnant. Through our work she realised that being fat was only a small part of her identity. She began to realise how proud she was of her body which helped her set boundaries to how other people reacted to her body and ultimately led her to the realisation that she is capable having a baby.


Caroline ditched the keto diet and doubled down on her education

Caroline had been through multiple fertility clinics telling her that she had to reach specific weight goals and follow diet plans like keto, all of which hit her eating disorder recovery really hard. She was able to work through some rough stuff and is now at a place where she feels recovered. She has gone back to school to study social work so that she can help others with eating disorders moving on from fertility treatment.


Michelle got free of shame and gave herself permission to be fat AND pregnant

Michelle was struggling with a chronic health condition and how to manage a surgery she needed for it with her desire to become a parent. She felt afraid to be fat and pregnant. Also of how she would be treated and spoken to when she got pregnant. Our work together allowed her to realise that she is allowed this! She feels more comfortable in her body and feels armed with all the research and tools she needs to ensure she is successful and has a wonderful pregnancy.


Jessica learnt how to advocate herself and finally felt seen and heard

Jessica felt dismissed by her healthcare team. When she spoke to them about trying to get pregnant, she was told that it would be unsafe for her to try and get pregnant at her current size. When we worked together, she realised that she wanted to start trying straight away. She felt seen and heard like she never had before with her healthcare team.


Mandy could see how amazing her body is

Mandy’s simple act of starting to trust her body led to incredible results. She started looking in the mirror and acknowledging how amazing her body is and that it’s capable of anything. She is now 6 months pregnant and puts this down to the incredible mind set changes we were able to make together.


Phoebe was able to reduce her bingeing behaviour

Phoebe found our work life changing. She had so many bad experiences with doctors on her fertility journey so far but working together has given her such a different perspective. She is shifting away from seeing foods as good or bad and is healing her relationship with food.


Aimee has a new-found appreciation for her body

Aimee was so preoccupied with thoughts that her body was not capable of having a healthy pregnancy when we started working together. She discovered a new-found appreciation of how amazing and capable her body is, regardless of its size. She was able to get pregnant after one cycle of IVF and went into pregnancy excited for the road ahead as she have total trust and belief in her body’s capabilities.


Megan got pregnant on her first try

Megan had spent years of her doctors blaming all her health issues on her weight. Full of fear from having PCOS, being fat and having complex health issues, they had put off getting pregnant. After working together Megan had so much hope and confidence but still felt like it was going to be a long road ahead, based on what the doctors told her and her internalised shame about her body, but she got pregnant on her first month.


Leonie realised she was deserving of care

Leonie is now the mother to a gorgeous 10 month old little girl. 

When we first started working together she didn’t know if that day would come because she had been receiving truly shoddy care that was not helping her accomplish her dream. She was starting to believe other people’s biases.

We started working together, she was able to shift her mindset and see that she was truly deserving of the care that she needed.

She got fired up at how unethically she had been treated She then had the internal fortitude and support to contact her local health board to review her case and as a result she was able to get the care she needed. Boom, then she got pregnant. 

When you join “Supported”, I’ll share with you all my favourite tools to help you shift your mindset so that you are able to see how worthy and deserving you are of fertility support.


Bethany released the shame she held about her body

Bethany is currently 7 months pregnant and feeling great about it and herself but when she started working together she was in a place of shame around her fertility issues and her weight. 

As a result of her shame around her body, she was completely consumed with dieting and weight loss.

What Bethany found when we started working together was that once she stopped blaming her weight for her fertility issues, she was able to focus on doing healthful practices everyday rather than trying to figure out what the quickest way was to lose weight.

She remembered that her body was a lot smarter than her brain and began to lean into being led by what made her body feel healthy and well. Now she is pregnant.

When you join “Supported” we dive into ways we can rediscover that trust with our body and how that impacts and influences our daily decisions about our health and well-being.



Kirsty created a plan to advocate for her needs

After only working together for a couple of weeks, my client Kirsty had a powerful win.

 Her therapist noted how more empowered she was, how more directly she was communicating, how she had a plan to advocate for herself and her therapist was thrilled to see the progress. 

Here is the thing, at the best of times, we aren’t trained to advocate for ourselves and then when we are fat we are not allowed to advocate for ourselves. Getting the training and the support you need to advocate for yourself is something that is going to transform this journey.

If you can’t advocate for yourself with healthcare professionals, their biases are going to impact what happens with you and your body

When you join “Supported” you receive more than a course, you get access to a community of people overcoming the same challenges.