Headshot of Nicola Salmon, fat-positive fertility coach. She is wearing a black top and watermelon coloured cardigan and a colourful necklace. She has shoulder length hair and is smiling at the camera.

Hi lovely, I’m so glad you are here.

You are in exactly the right place if you want to learn more about a world where getting pregnant does not involve dieting and weight loss.

My name is Nicola Salmon and I support fat folks who want get pregnant. I created my unique FAT+ve framework because we need different skills to navigate the fertility world when we live in fat bodies.

I really value that there are actionable steps I can take RIGHT NOW to improve my fertility before I pursue another IVF transfer cycle. I am absolutely 100% going to be able to advocate for myself… More importantly, I can support my own body and self as I pursue motherhood.

~ Anon

If you are seeking support on your fat fertility journey, here’s how you can work with me:

Permission Granted (£27 / $35)

Sign up for Permission Granted: 21 days to unconditional permission to get pregnant without weight loss

This 3 week course is perfect for you if:

🙅‍♀️ You can’t bear the idea of another diet or weight loss attempt in order to reach your goal of getting pregnant.

🙋‍♀️ You are open to the idea that weight loss might not be the answer but you don’t know what else to try.

🤷‍♀️ You haven’t really started trying to get pregnant because you believe it isn’t possible or healthy for you at your weight.

Fat folks have been getting pregnant and having boring and ordinary births for centuries. You deserve to have the same! 

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IVF for Fat Folks (£75/$99)

Come and join me for IVF for Fat Folks

In this course, we’re going to:

  • dive into what the research is actually telling us about how effective fertility treatments for fat folks so that you can make a fully informed decision about if you want to pursue treatment.
  • explore what the risks are in real terms so that you can decide if the potential benefits of the treatment outweigh the risks
  • create a practical plan for you to find a clinic that will support you
  • learn how to advocate for the care you need

PLUS discover all the tips and tricks of how to navigate fertility treatment as a fat person that no-one tells you!


>> Join me for the course


Join waitlist Supported program

Supported is reopening it’s doors in March/April 2024

1-1 Support Session (£200)

I want you to have a plan.

A clear course of action to support you in growing your family.

Without judgement, shame or trying to make your body smaller.

If this is what you’ve been looking for then I’d love to invite you to join me for a Support Session.


This includes one 60 minute sessions together, one week of email support following our call and all the resources we discuss together.

In this session we’ll create an individualised action plan about how to move forward with growing your family based on your needs, your lived experience and your version of health. You can also ask any burning questions you have about fat fertility and pregnancy.

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Fat-Positive Fertility Coaching (£1500 / $1950)

I have a small number of spots available for in-depth 1-1 coaching.

We work together over 12 weeks

☎️  We book in our first foundational call together (60mins) so that together we can uncover what is going on and create a plan of action using the FAT+ve fertility framework. We start by formulating a plan how to make big shifts in your health, wellbeing and fertility. At the end of our first call you will come away with a series of action steps and feel really clear about what your next step is.

☕️  Every week (we can be flexible on this) we meet online for 45mins so that we can delve even deeper as you integrate the plan from the foundational call into your day-to-day life.

We’ll chat about the steps you’ve taken, what’s been going well, what you feel you need more support on, what challenges you’ve come across and how you can overcome them without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

We then build upon the other key areas of the framework as needed so that you can attend doctors appointments with confidence, create a positive mindset in your day to day life and learn how to become your own expert on your body.

💌  I’ll be there at the end of an email between sessions. Whether you have a question about how you can get a better night’s sleep tonight, how to get through the rest of your day at work when your colleague just announced she’s pregnant, what to do when your period came early and all those other hundreds of anxieties/worries/stresses going through your head, just send me an email and we’ll work through it together.



or send me an email here.

If you are a healthcare professional that supports fat folks who want to get pregnant, my online courses and resources are here to help you. Please get in touch if you need guidance. 

Fat Fertility for HAES Professionals (£149 / $200)

During this workshop you’ll learn:

  • The research behind fat and fertility.
  • How we can use our power as healthcare professionals to advocate on behalf of our clients.
  • How we can support our clients with the inequalities in care they might face when they do get pregnant.

 >> Learn more about the workshop

Fat Positive Fertility for Healthcare Practitioners (£250)

A course that s applicable to all healthcare practitioners who want to treat fat folks for fertility without focusing on their weight.

 >>Learn more about the program

Fat, Fertility and Traditional Chinese Medicine (£250)

For practitioners who want to use TCM diagnosis and treatment to best effect with their fat clients, to make their practice more inclusive, and to empower their clients to take control of their fertility treatment and challenge fatphobia.

 >>Learn more about the program

1-1 Supervision Call (£300)

If you have a fat client navigating fertility issues and would like support, then book in a supervision call. Price includes our time together, all the resources we discuss on our call that you can share with your client and a week of email support for any follow up questions.

 >> Schedule a supervision call

Consultation (Prices start at £300)

For fertility clicnics and companies, I offer consultation packages to support you in making your clinic or company more inclusive.

 >> Email me for more information