Fat and fertile book

If you have been told that you need to lose weight to get pregnant, you’re probably feeling pretty crap right now.

Your mind is going a million miles a minute:

Frantically searching for another way to try and lose weight, feeling so guilty that you could have let yourself get to this point, swallowed by the utter sadness that you can’t do the one thing in the world that you want most, to get pregnant.

You are in the right place, my friend.

In this book, Nicola breaks down the stigma that surrounds people who want to get pregnant in fat bodies. In a mix of personal experience, supportive advice and real research, she:

  • Dives deep into what it means to get pregnant in a fat body without losing weight.
  • Offers tools to support you throughout the journey.
  • Guides you through the twists and turns you may experience as you navigate infertility in a bigger body.

Nicola Salmon is a fat-positive and feminist fertility coach. She advocates for change in how fat women are treated on their fertility journey and supports fat women who are struggling to get pregnant to find peace with their body, find their own version of health and finally escape the yo-yo dieting cycle.