Fat and Fertile podcast with Nicola Salmon. Illustration of fat women with turquiose flowing hair, a red crop top and yellow pants

Fat and Fertile with Nicola Salmon

Navigating getting pregnant in a weight-obsessed world can be really flipping hard, especially when everyone is telling you that you have to lose weight to access any kind of support.

Join Nicola Salmon – fat-positive fertility coach and author of the book “Fat and Fertile” – as she explores the complexities that fat folks face when they want to grow their family.

If you identify as fat or being in a bigger body, want to get pregnant and want to find a community of other folks navigating this, this podcast is for you.

02. The “ethical dilemma”

02. The “ethical dilemma”

On this episode of Fat and Fertile, I describe the ethical dilemma many fat folks face when they start out on their fertility journey We explore how the belief that it's dangerous for us to get...

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01. Welcome to Fat and Fertile

In our first episode of Fat and Fertile, I share how I got started with supporting fat folks navigating getting pregnant including my own diagnosis of PCOS.Mentioned in this episode: The Fat and...

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