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Hi lovely, I’m so glad you are here.

You are in exactly the right place if you want to learn more about a world where getting pregnant does not involve dieting and weight loss.

My name is Nicola Salmon and I support fat folks who want get pregnant. I created my unique FAT+ve framework because we need different skills to navigate the fertility world when we live in fat bodies.

If you are just starting out on your journey to growing your family:

    Fat Person's Guide to Getting Pregnant (Free)

    In this guide, I’m going to share with you three steps you can take to begin to unravel the fucked up way we see our fat bodies when we are trying to get pregnant. 

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    Fertility Research for Fat Folks (Free)

    One of the most useful tools you can have when you want to access fertility care in a bigger body is research. It summarises and references seven research studies that explore why fat folks should receive support with their fertility.

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    Fat and Fertile (Free / £12.99 / $12.99)

    Order your copy of the book “Fat and Fertile” to read a book that was written for your body. Want to try before you buy? You can download the first three chapters completely free.

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    Find a Fat-Positive Clinic or Practitioner (Free)

    I have some great resources to support you in finding a fat-positive fertility pracitioner or fertility clinic.


    Ways that we can work together:

    The Fat and Fertile Alliance - Membership ( $13 a month)

    The Fat and Fertile Alliance is a monthly support hub to access lower cost monthly support from me and other folks navigating getting pregnant in a bigger body.

    >> Learn more about the Alliance


    PCOS and Fertility for Fat Folks - Workshop (£27/$35)

    Join me for this live 90 minute workshop where we will explore:

    – The truth and myths about how PCOS impacts your fertility
    – The impact of dieting and weight loss on PCOS and fertility
    Evidence-based practices that you can use to support your PCOS and fertility
    – The research behind medications and treatments to support you getting pregnant and how to advocate to get them if you are denied

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    How to Stop Feeling Shit about Wanting to Get Pregnant - Short Course (£40)

    Together in this short course, you will unlearn and get free of limiting beliefs you may hold about pregnancy in a fat body, learn how to identify other peoples’ biases and set powerful boundaries with them and rediscover how truly capable your body is and appreciate it.

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    How to Navigate the Weight Obsessed Fertility System - Short Course (£40)

    What on Earth can you do when your doctor is telling you that you have to lose weight in order to access fertility support?

    Join me for this short course where we explore how we can navigate the bias we face in fertility care and get the help we need.

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    Positivity - Short Course (£40)

    A mini mindset course designed to help you create a more positive mindset when you want to get pregnant.

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    Fat Fertility 101 - Workshop (£50)

    Join me for this 90 minute workshop where we dive into the basics of getting pregnant in a bigger body including biology basics, accessing care and a weight neutral approach to supporting your fertility.

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    Evidence-based Fertility for Fat Folks - Workshop (£50)

    Join me for this 90 minute workshop where we dive into the evidence surrounding getting pregnant with a high BMI including the real reason why fat folks take longer to get pregnant, the research behind pregnancy risks for fat folks and why dieting and weight loss is not evidence based.

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    IUI and IVF for Fat Folks - Workshop (£50)

    Join me for this 90 minute workshop where we will explore:

    • Why IVF and IUI is routinely denied to fat folks
    • The efficacy of IVF and IUI in higher BMIs
    • The safety of IVF and IUI and what risks you need to be aware of
    • How to advocate for IVF and IUI when you are denied care
    • How to choose a fertility clinic that will be supportive

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    1-1 Consultation (£200)

    I offer a small number of 1-1 consultations each month for folks who want advice and guidance 1-1 but aren’t able to commit to working together on-going. The session price includes our time together, all the relevant resources we talk about in our session and a week of email support after for any additional questions.

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    Ongoing 1-1 Coaching and Support (£400 / $500 per month)

    I have a small number of spots available for on-going 1-1 coaching.

    The cost includes:

    – 4 x 45 min sessions (book weekly or as you need them)
    – Access to Nicola via email between sessions
    – Access to any resources or tools that you need

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    If you want to learn more about working together, you can book in a free 45 min consultation here or send me an email here.

    Become Your Body's Fertility Advocate (£800 / $1000)

    Join me for an 8 week 1-1 program to learn all the tools and skills you need to become your body’s fertility advocate

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    If you are a healthcare professional that supports fat folks who want to get pregnant:

    Apply to join The Fat Positive Fertility Network

    The Fat Positive Fertility Network is a group of practitioners who are committed to unlearning how our healthcare systems see fat folks when they want to get pregnant.

    This list is specifically for fertility practitioners and non-diet practitioners who treat folks with fertility issues.

    All members of the Fat-Positive Fertility Network have done some training with me or shown their commitment to supporting fat folks with their fertility using a non-diet approach in other ways.

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    Fat Fertility for HAES Professionals (£149 / $200)

    During this workshop you’ll learn:

    • The research behind fat and fertility.
    • How we can use our power as healthcare professionals to advocate on behalf of our clients.
    • How we can support our clients with the inequalities in care they might face when they do get pregnant.

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    Fat Positive Fertility for Healthcare Practitioners (£250)

    A course that s applicable to all healthcare practitioners who want to treat fat folks for fertility without focusing on their weight.

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    Fat, Fertility and Traditional Chinese Medicine (£250)

    For practitioners who want to use TCM diagnosis and treatment to best effect with their fat clients, to make their practice more inclusive, and to empower their clients to take control of their fertility treatment and challenge fatphobia.

     >>Learn more about the program

    1-1 Supervision Call (£300)

    If you have a fat client navigating fertility issues and would like support, then book in a supervision call. Price includes our time together, all the resources we discuss on our call that you can share with your client and a week of email support for any follow up questions.

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    Consultation (Prices start at £300)

    For fertility clicnics and companies, I offer consultation packages to support you in making your clinic or company more inclusive.

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