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Are you sick of the same old advice (that isn’t based on evidence!) that tells you to “just lose weight”?

Then you’re going to love “Evidence-based Fertility for Fat Folks” 

Nicola holding a cup of tea with the text "Workshop Evidence-based fertility for fat folks"

Join me (Nicola Salmon, Fat Positive Fertility Coach and Author of “Fat and Fertile“) for 90 minutes of evidence-based learning about fertility for fat folks.


You get instant access to the 60 minute workshop where we explore:

  • The REAL reasons why fat folks take longer to get pregnant so that you can start retraining your brain away from 24/7 bullying thoughts about your body.
  • Why dieting and weight-loss advice is not evidence-based so that you can give yourself permission to move away from these harmful practices.
  • Evidence-based practices that you can use to support your health and fertility so that you leave with simple yet powerful approached to move forward with your goal of getting pregnant.
  • The research behind the risks that fat folks face during pregnancy so that you can make fully informed decisions about getting pregnant in a bigger body.


  • There is a 30 minute Q&A at the end of the workshop where folks like you asked all their burning questions about gettting pregnant in a bigger body.
  • Got a question that wasn’t answered? Don’t worry I’ve got you. As part of the workshop you will get immediate access to my online group for clients where I’m available to answer any questions you have.
  • You also receive a 10 page PDF with resources and research articles to support you in advocating for your fertility when you next see your doctor.

The workshop is usually £50/$65 but you can use the link on this page to buy it for £15/$19

This workshop was the burst of positivity I needed! Very friendly and accessible. Emphasis on faily easy actions to take.


I thought the workshop was well structured and even though there were no visual aids I wasn’t bored. Nicola talks with passion and compassion about what she does and delivers facts and tells anecdotes with ease and conviction. I learnt a lot and I felt really safe and understood but also empowered.


What are you waiting for?