I still remember that awful feeling of lining up to step on the scales in front of everyone. All the diet clubs are based on the premise of hoping that the shame of having to do that every week will motivate you to keep to the diet. And whilst it works for a while, they never work forever. That big change of a new diet only last so long before you revert back to your old pattern of eating. That’s why the diet industry is so huge! Generally people put more weight back on than they lost in the first place, and the cycle begins again!

There is science behind this behaviour. It’s not just because you aren’t motivated to make big changes or aren’t good enough (no matter what that voice in your head tells you). It’s all your brain’s fault. You brain has 3 separate sections, evolved over millions of years and the oldest part of the brain is the part that keeps you alive. This part of your brain HATES change. It figures, you’ve been alive this long doing what you’re doing so why change? The unknown is scary and dangerous so better to stick with what you know. Thats why making any kind of big change is almost impossible. As soon as you step outside of your comfort zone, your brain says “danger! danger!” and makes it so uncomfortable for you that you head straight back to where you started. Small steps are the best way to sneak past that part of your brain and make lifelong change. The best thing about small steps is that they are easy to stick to, you can do them everyday until they become automatic and over time they will make a huge impact on your health. Here are 5 ideas for small steps you can commit to today that will have a big impact. I recommend starting with no more than 3 and tracking them over time. You can grab a copy of my habit tracker at the bottom of the page
  • Drink a glass of water. Staying hydrated is essential. You can tell when you’re hydrated as your wee will be a pale straw colour. By focusing on drinking one glass, you keep your attention on this habit and this should ensure you start to drink more without even trying.
  • Move for 10 minutes. Moving your body every day is so good. If you aren’t in the habit of this then trying to join a gym and go 5 times a week is the easiest way to lose a lot of money! Start with 10 minutes. This could be a simple walk or an online yoga video, whatever you enjoy.
  • Deep breathing. So often we forget to take a good deep breath. Deep breathing has a really positive effect on our body and can help to feel less stressed. There is a great free app called “Hear and Now” which will guide your through a quick guided breathing exercise. It’s surprisingly effective!
  • Get to bed early. Too many of us give up our sleep to binge watch things on netflix. Sleep is essential for so many aspects of your health. Set yourself a bedtime and stick to it for a week. See what a difference it makes to your mood and energy levels!
What small step are you going to take this week?